Wednesday, April 9, 2008

so wish i had slept late

man o man, what a horrible day. for once i get up on time and i look at the market open and i decide to sell everything. my gut says hold, but my greedy butt says sell. i sell, i go back to sleep, because i rarely can tell what the hell is going to happen until it's afternoon. i wake up and i left massive amounts of profit on the table. both my positions died spectacularly (i had shorted them, so it's good, if i had held them). that's why i don't wake up early ;)
bni had very unusual action, just kept going down (see chart above). i think it's oil related, oil was flying and maybe they have exposure to diesel fuel for rail engines. i don't know. i left over 2K profit on bni and about 3K on RS. i had been shorting all along for precisely a day like this and i totally missed it.
i bought some bni, stld and sbux calls, hoping they will bump up tomorrow. god i hope so.