Friday, April 4, 2008

big day

i should have posted this yesterday, but here goes. RIMM earnings came in very nicely and in after hours alone aapl saw a nice big bump. Kaching !! But, lately I have not been very bullish, so as soon as it hit 150, i sold it. maybe i should have sold half, ahhh fuck that. take profits when you can :) i was very happy, so i decided to go for some coffee. only problem is my favorite cafe Greenberry's, doesn't have internet access. so i just looked at the pretty girls.
at around 1:30pm i decided i should head back. the midday high should be setting in and i was all ready to short the crap out of everything. coffee does that to me. i have been tracking a new stock called BNI, it's that railway freight company buffett bought at 80. nice one old dude. anyway it was close to it's all time high of 96, so i shorted it. then i shorted some RS and later at the 3pm peak some IBM and aapl. i got some movement in rs and bni, but i decided to hold them overnight, since they are low risk and i thought the employment numbers would be bad. the aapl and ibm panned out very well, so i rewarded myself with beer :)