Tuesday, April 22, 2008

not much happening 2

earnings season rolls on and i am still too scared to play anything much. i bought a bunch of Netflix (NFLX) because a 26% drop for such a good company is unwarranted. but, it's a bump play, hopefully i will be rid of this by Friday. as a long term buy it's not attractive at $30. my NCC play from yesterday, made some small change and i realized i had played it wrong. I should have bought stock, and it being at $6, i could have afforded it and got about 30/40 cents on it. oh well. DryShips (DRYS) is going all out for RIG. great play, i like that company a lot, so i'm gonna keep a tighter eye on it. Oil is insane. I looked at shorting it, but the options on USO were frightening. I am not sure i have enough expertise to play this field reliably, but i would love to short Oil.
that's all folks, at this rate Ramen is what i will be eating soon :0