Tuesday, April 29, 2008

keep your personal life in shape

i was not on point in my personal life and some of it affected my trading today. this is something you have to try and control as much as possible. i woke up on time and got rid of the Monsanto (MON) puts within a reasonable period of time. i left some on the table, but it was a risky trade and i am happy with the profits we :) booked. i sold off the NFLX puts for par, although it went down later. it was a good trade overall, because if it's not going anywhere or in the direction you believe it should, get liquid. better to be even than at a loss. plenty of fish (trades) to be caught in the sea.

i thought the market would go down for the day and bought some Aapl puts, but it went up $3 from where i bought it and it was a terrible buy, although i really liked the level at which i bought. NUE went up like insane and my $80 puts are doing terrible. they are nearly 1.5 in the negative and i have 20 of those. i still could not understand why nue was going up so strongly, so i shorted it some more. maybe i was overzealous :) i found out after close that US Steel (X) is reporting tomorrow. that was the reason for the rise. that's good for me actually, because if X disappoints, nue tanks, if they are good, even so the upside pull for nue will be limited i think. basically, what i am saying is, this stock is up on speculation. i was worried there might be some real news that i missed.

deutsche bank (DB) reports tomorrow. my sister works for them, although i think they will disappoint big time. lots of earnings this week, plus GDP and FOMC rate cute news. dangerous week, i like it calm and quiet.

i read articles, researched stocks and earnings for like 3 hours, so now it's time to eat food and watch tv.