Tuesday, April 29, 2008

action day

new desktop background :)

i got to my laptop at 9:50am and straight away i noticed i had missed the drop in Aapl. i had bought puts at 171 yesterday and it had gone up to 173. i was hopping to catch the drop...would have sold straight away, but by 9:50 it was at 173. sigh!

i sold all my Nue puts for nice profits. YAY me :) i then watched tv and slept some more.

around 2:30pm i was watching the tape again and aapl was totally pissing me off. it just kept going up and up, no news, very unusual action for the stock. i felt it was near it's top, i watched intently, i swooped in like a hawk, i held through the drops, waited till the close...10 cents...20 cents...every differential counts...sold for a profit. but, still a huge unrealized loss on the remaining puts. grrr !

monsanto died spectacularly today...why? i was watching cnbc / fast money and saw that oil was down big, the end of commodities, maybe ag's going down on that...it's on my watch list now.

i need cigarettes. oh my rotting teeth, grin :)