Thursday, April 10, 2008

coffee, girls and nail biting

i woke just a little late, around 10am and it worked out for me, because the market went down in the morning and i was holding calls (i.e. i missed the drop). i was able to get rid of all my calls over the next hour for nice profits. you may be wondering why that's good, since the market went up the rest of the day, but i tell you for the life of me i don't know why we rallied. the news is just terrible and sometimes like today i like to take a stance and say enough with this NONSENSE, you should be down and by GOD you will go down.
so, i was looking for good candidates to short and what do i see IBM, godforsaken IBM, has run up 2 dollars to 119. as bugs bunny would say that's just preposterous !!! you may not know this, but IBM puts are my number one money maker. i have lost money very few times and made tons on IBM puts. can you say delicious. i bought some RS puts also for good measure.
now i was jonesing for coffee, actually i had been jonesing since 10am, but i am literally glued to my seat when i am in a market analysis mode...i checked for free wifi...and settled on Murky, yes that's the coffee shop's name. do they have good coffee ? yes. free and fast internet ? yes. tons of young girls, twirling their hair and staring into space? yes, yes. it's an interesting place, lots of people. i drove there, smoked cigarettes, met my friend Bill the bartender at Galaxy Hut, made friends with a crazy, old Iranian(?) guy, who was a stockbroker for 20 years or so he said. we swapped trade stories. oggled girls, didn't talk to any. more cigarettes. bought some NUE puts at market close. nothing crashed, so still holding a ton of puts.
then i went for pollo rico chicken, but the coffee had made me full, i gagged and stuffed myself, disgusting, went back and watched Elizabeth I...amazing...i nearly fell in love with old, haggard Cate Blanchett.
wish me luck and now i need beer.


HPT said...

I would erase your account # from the pics you post.

I think we are due for a pullback, but the market may want to crawl higher and burn some more shorts before we do. Big caps like WMT and IBM seem to be being bought up. Good luck.