Monday, April 7, 2008

slow day

as i smoked yet another cigarette at 5:30 in the morning, i thought 4 hours, that's more than enough isn't it. apparently not. the alarm went off at 9:15am and i promptly hit snooze. needless to say, i was a little miffed at myself when i woke up at 1pm. what kind of trader was i, where was the passion ?
i only had one position which was the short of RS and it seemed like i had missed it's low for the day. everything was going strong, but once again we were at the apex, things could either keep on going up or go down. i bet down, selected Mer, although later i realized financials were leading the charge. over the next hour, RS went down nicely to the point where i could break even or hold on. I still thought everything would go down further, even though i was not very sure and decided to hold. Mer was ok, because i already had a profit of 300 on it (unbanked), so i could wait, but RS was a gamble. luckily, it panned out as i had thought and i was able to sell both for good profits. In fact i left some on the table, but isn't that always the case (like most traders i over analyze my sells and groan if i sold it too early).
i felt drained for some reason and all i wanted to do was watch some tv. so i tuned into russell crowe exfoliating in the french countryside, there was the dog, the lackey, the cooking woman and ofcourse the easily seduced eye candy...and it's only 2:30pm :)