Friday, April 18, 2008

another good day

i saw the Google news yesterday, the market gapped up big, but i had thought it would be more choppy in the morning, well i was dreaming that...i woke up at 1pm and it was the perfect time to start my trading day. i looked around and aapl was too high, earnings next week Wed., but $7 rise was unwarranted. drop looked imminent and i swung in like Bond on bad guys. bim, bam, bap...little profits racked up. my bread and butter. although it was on options that expire today, so risky, but then i was trading the stock and the risk is the same that way. you gotta believe or you don't. the may options were a joke.
now to outback steakhouse for some moo moo....i'm a fat cat banker after all :)