Friday, April 4, 2008

i screw around

i partied too much last night...oy vey !!! and so i did not get up out of bed until 11am. actually sometimes this trick works, because if it's low at 9:30 i am always tempted to sell, but this way it might go lower or higher and so i kinda arrive at the right time. but, if i am WORRIED about a stock, sleep is SO irrelevant.
but, today the trick did not work, even though unemployment was through the roof. very surprising i would not have expected the market to rally on that. i sold my rs for a small profit, but missed the low on bni and it went up by a point. this ofcourse only enraged me, since no way we are rallying huge on 5.1 unemployment. i shorted some more, went to bed, woke up at 2pm and lo and behold the top had been set in and bni was ready to die. i bought some more puts and also some on Stld, which was up 2 points + , yeah right. sold them all at the end, to end the friday on a good note. now i shall reward myself with some Cafe Asia food. Yay me !!!