Monday, June 2, 2008

new start

i feel like a new start. last week i just wasn't into trading.

i sold off 20 BNI 120 put's for break even. i still have 10 of 120 and they are fairly out of the money. also, 10 more of 115 puts which are the worst of the lot. really awfull positions. i forgot there was the last 10 of 130 puts, which actually came through decently.

i sold off my IBM puts for a nice profit, although i left over 1.5K on the table. it dived so much.

i still own my MER calls. it's getting close to getting into financials time.

i tried to scalp BNI for some downside action, but the stock behaved like a young drunk girl. wanting to put out, but not actually doing anything :)

fin. el morto.

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