Wednesday, June 11, 2008

getting screwed

well i wished evil and it came true. i was talking to my family over the weekend and i told them i wished for a complete meltdown of the markets, so that people could suffer. well, my wish came true as the market melted today. unfortuanately, my account was one of the one's that melted also.

what can i say ? i woke up in the morning and i could feel the storm building and i just couldn't sell, especially BNI down a $1 in premarket, i felt, i hoped that somehow we would pull through. total catastrophe. BNI dropped $4 in 30 minutes and overall dropped $7...unbelievable move !

DRYS also went down $4 and NUE is barely holding it's head above water. add to that i bought some AAPL calls, which are under by $2 and some more MER, under by .50. i just thought we would rally at the close...instead we went lower.

awful markets....BUT, i think we are oversold...i only wish i had more than 1 week till options expiration. that's gonna be killer.

now to get drunk, because you don't lose money like this every day :)

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