Tuesday, June 3, 2008

i kick ass

i didn't wake up on time. i woke up at 12:30pm. for some reason i decided to go out for a beer at 12 am in the morning. there were no seats at the bar. i sat on a stool by the wall. like a freak. i don't know why i enjoy doing things like this.

i was sitting there, wondering what to do, when the entire market started tanking hard. i had no idea why. CNBC had no idea why. the interactive brokers chat room i hang in, had no idea why. i don't stare gift horses in the face, so i got rid of my crappy BNI positions right away. then i looked for stocks to short and AAPL was a prime candidate. i shorted and covered 4 minutes 13 seconds later for a $600 gain. then i switched gears and went long MER and MON. i did good on MON, but got scared with MER, what with the whole Lehman thing. i sold that for a tiny profit, although it ripped up fairly nicely later on. i also shorted some Netflix (NFLX), but i think it was a bad position. NFLX is showing upward momentum and if there's something i have learnt in the last 2 weeks, it's DON'T FIGHT MOMENTUM.

overall, a good day.

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