Tuesday, June 10, 2008

more laziness

i slept late and upon waking up at 11am was pleasantly surprised to see my RS puts had been sold at the price i had set yesterday. nothing like profit early in the morning.

i bought some DRYS calls but $2 from the low. it's made a strong move to the low. eeks ! bought some NUE calls at the bottom. it was down $3.5 and at that point i felt it was majorly oversold. i tried to sell them at the close, but i just didn't get my bid and since i am already up on them, i don't mind holding them another day. i bought some BNI calls at the close, but i think this stock is trending down also.

i get the feeling people are unsure of direction. oil IS breaking though.

it's so hot and muggy in DC. such is life.

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