Wednesday, June 4, 2008

facebook mania

i spent most of my day fiddling around on facebook...i am a newbie convert and i found a bunch of my friends from my vacation to Costa Rica online. Actually, one of them contacted me and that's how i got into it. so cool.

i wanted to buy some RS puts and the spread was 6.3 on a 6.7, so i put in a buy for 6.5, middle of the road. i thought i would get it, because i am a very good scalper of option have to be...especially for out of the money options, never pay the ask. but my order never got filled and the stock tanked big time and so i missed out on making some money. i was thinking of raising it to 6.6 too, damn facebook ;)

at the end of the day i bought some NUE and MER calls, for the overnight bump. i don't see anything drastic happenning in either sector, so they are fairly safe.

I SAW A TORNADO...for real...i have never seen one here in 18 ripped out a bunch of branches from this big strong tree. i could see the wind swirling in the tornado style action. there was a woman running across the parking lot, i almost wickedly hoped to see her fly around...i ran down to feel the force, but the tornado was gone by then.

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