Monday, May 12, 2008

why even bother blogging?

no one reads this crap. sigh! sorry it's been rainy and sucky for the past 4 days, since Sat. and i forgot to post on last Friday. why, you ask? because i got rid of my super sucky money losing NUE positions. man i took a hit and yes i was taught not to start sentences with because. i wonder if ending them with because is ok? in my desire for revolution, in the world of grammar and otherwise i may have inadvertently shook the foundations for my own inner peace. how tragic !!!

i lay in bed most of the morning, because it was raining and i had the blues. market was up when i got up. shorted ibm, but was uneasy, too much strength in that stock lately. big money could be getting in. i watched like a hawk and sold soon on a dip. it never broke 126, but still wise decision to sit and watch sometimes. i sold STLD for a nice profit. and then cnbc did a breaking news on HPQ (hewlett packard) buying EDS. i checked HPQ's quote and it was going downwards and i thought buy, because HPQ in the service sector through EDS is a pretty good move, plus good buy, plus hpq earnings later this week. i bought some June calls, to give me time for the bump. but, lo and behold HPQ kept screaming downwards and then i bought some short term calls....and it kept going lower....argh another disaster so soon....but i really believed in this i bought some more. thankfully, it held these levels. but, it was a $3+ dip on a stock which on average doesn't move more than $.50 cent a day. INSANE. my position is precarious, what with 40 short term calls, but i will watch like a hawk.

then i went and got a Gyro. I also got a kibbeh, which was so delicious.

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