Wednesday, May 14, 2008

drank too much last night

oy vey !!! the title says it all. i had a brutal hangover and couldn't get out of bed until 1pm. i really agonized over my stocks, especially my RS puts, but, i was in serious agony.

anyhoo, waking up in the afternoon turned out to be very good for me. for one HPQ leapt 2+ dollars and all of a sudden my may calls were near breaking even. wow what a reversal by the market. i lightened my position on HPQ to 20 may calls. depending on tomorrow's action, i might hold them till after hpq reports on thurs. close. the risk now is manageable. i made very good profit on the one's i had bought at yesterday's close (see trades)....i shorted IBM and played it very well. sold it right at the absolute bottom !!! i tried to get rid of my RS since it had retraced all the way back to 66...but just couldn't. i think it will shoot up tomorrow, but hopefully in the morning's choppiness i can get rid of it. i bought a ton of STLD, but i am kinda regretting it now. absolutely speaking 34.5 is not quite the price level to back the truck up. we shall see tomorrow. i am also tracking DRYS closely, earnings for it after thurs. close as's been on a tear.

i had dinner at my Uncle's house...yellow daal and rice...yummy home cooked Indian food. tummy satisfied.

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