Monday, May 5, 2008

didn't sleep last night

as the title alludes i didn't sleep at all last night. i was playing minesweeper and listening to music and the birds started to chirp and i thought let's just watch the sun come up. it was glorious. the traffic humming below and the golden rays of sunshine penetrated my room's windows. i watched some more youtube and then got ready to go to Murky coffee.

my trading software was very quirky and would not plot any graph's of the stocks. plus i was tired. i shorted and covered Aapl for a profit, but my main focus was DRYS. it had gapped upwards and i felt frustrated. why ? unfortunately, there is no single reason. the stock market is a collective hive, each bee with it's own reasons. i shorted some more. i also shorted Nue. Oil was up and people were doing commodity plays. you have to be counter trend. but, then sometimes you get played. i sold all my Drys shorts and was able to break even, especially after my .40 cent loss on expedia puts. i screwed up and bought Nue puts at low levels. with my experience should have known to buy at the close. now i have 50 puts. you do know that a .10 cent fluctuation at this price equates a profit / loss of $500 :)

i hate coffee. i had some pastrami and fancy french cheese, while watching the joggers on the trail below my apartment. bon nuit.

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