Friday, May 2, 2008

god saves my stupid ass

i had a large position and a bad feeling about it and as usual i couldn't sleep. i woke up at 7:30am, then tossed and turned till 8:30am...crap, the unemployment report was unusually good...argh...all futures are real bad news on the horizon...the rally from yesterday should continue...breakout levels......basically i was freaking the fuck out. i had 30 Aapl puts and 40 Bni puts. as i watched the tape into the open, i had a feeling it was not going to be so bad. trader's gut intuition. it just doesn't matter what the Cnbc idiots are saying or what anyone is saying, at the end of the day it's just you and the tape. you either FEEL IT or NOT.

well i had a feeling we were not going to go up much, but my positions were too risky and too big. aapl opens i watch for a little while and going with my gut liquidate all my positions. Loss. i watch Bni and it's weak from the start. i gauge and set a sell level. it comes close, then goes way opposite, i curse myself. patience. i am listening to drum n' bass music, jumping around, i look again, it blew all resistence levels and i am liquid. i left 30 cents on the table too and that's with a 40 put position. sigh ! adding it all up, it's not such a bad day. thank you GOD. did i doubt your existence ? never :)

happy but tired, i hit the sack, wake up at 3:40pm...argh...a quick look at everything and DRYS, which i had been tracking, looked really high. i hit it right at the top for some puts. good thing i slept till the end, otherwise i would have bought it more expensive. i love how this sleep thing works out sometimes. party till 4am, sleep in the afternoon, doable possible :) watching the tape afterwards, i think i should have doubled down. it's really extended on no real news, other than Oil.

it's frriddddayyy and now for some shots of chilled Belvedere vodka.

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