Saturday, May 17, 2008

horrible 2 weeks

i don't know what's up, either i have gone plumb crazy or i just got my ass handed to me. i lost about 18K in the last 2 weeks. a ton of it on my NUE puts and some on others. i did make a lot also, but i just feel that i did not follow my risk management schemes and i was all over the map. a month ago, i was such a risk adverse freak and then i made some money, and i am buying 40-50 puts on one position. it doesn't help that steel made such a strong rotational rally. i shorted NUE and it goes up big and stays up there, then i short RS and it goes up big and then i short STLD and it breaks out too. all three stocks in the sector, went up breakout big. should i have seen that coming? was it inexperience or stupidness or just plain bad luck that caused this fiasco?

i feel a little deflated. i will be on record mode, meaning double think/analyze all moves, till options expire in June. I need a longer term analysis of how i handle a month's worth of trading.

forgot to post on Friday. Saturday, went for coffee in beautiful weather, read a ton of interesting articles to satisfy my head, ate a cheeseburger at the East - West Grill, kabob joint but excellent fries, and now hopefully i will sit still to watch La Maman Et La Putain(1973).

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