Thursday, May 1, 2008

shorted the rally

the first day of the new month and the market rallied strong. i thought there might be a dip towards the end so i shorted BNI and AAPL. I like the level for BNI although there is more upside. the problem is that i have been in bearish mode for too long and maybe this is a genuine market rally. and if it is a true rally then there can be multiple up day's, rather than the up and down that i have gotten used to playing. we will know tomorrow. Aapl in particular is of deep concern, this stock has very strong momentum and i wish i only had 20 puts not the 30 that i hold. it just did not break towards the end.
i have now been blogging for over a month. Yay me !
i need beer. but, first an arthouse flick to recharge my batteries.