Monday, March 9, 2009

slow day

woke up late, had a hangover, since i am trying to quit smoking, so i didn't feel like trading, but i still kept on checking the charts / prices, because i am a pro. and finally around 3:20, i got a good feel for the market. unfortunately, it said go short, but the market was already down and i just wasn't feeling it. i wanted to go long, which i did on BNI. not the best entry price on the first buy, but i thought it might spike at the end of the day, which it didn't.

i am holding a very large position as you can see and i have butterflies in my stomach. i feel fairly confident, but the tape action has been pretty negative for some time now. too many people are expecting the short term pop. anyway, tomorrow's a new day. it sucks that i have an all day meeting. it's like every critical day, i have work related shit blocking me.

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