Wednesday, March 4, 2009

i'm back

ok like (toss my black hair) i thought this blog was a waste to time, nobody reads it and i just blabber on and on's not like i post any useful trading ideas or thoughts....or atleast i don't try to....haha....but then i got an email from these ad's people and they had 150 hits from my naturally i was other blabbering sites rarely break 2-3 a day. so i decided to continue the good work and keep on posting.

as for the TRADING...i never STOPPPEDD.....and i've been kicking ass. i started out with 50K got decimated to 3k and have resurrected it from the ashes of November to 25 K. I KICK ASS, SEROUSLY>

basically, i have been shorting stocks, but a couple of longs in there also. the main thing that has changed about me is my willingness to cut loose my dogs. if a position runs against me i watch double intently and close it as soon as possible, even for a loss. before i would hold on hoping for dear hope it would come back. no more. just a few days ago, my MON long got crushed the morning futures were down 100+ on the dow and i thought it would get crushed....and sold a few minutes into the open. i just didn't want to take the risk. better to lose 2K than lose 4K and frankly when i am well tuned into the market i can easily make 2K in a day. so i don't hold on to the dogs anymore.

today was a good day....i had gone long yesterday, because i felt everything was oversold and i bought right at the end of the day for seriously killer prices. even so i was stressed last night....the selling pressure is insane right now. i get to work, check the stat's....HOORAY....futures up big time....i calculate sell levels, decide to sell at the open, i was afraid of the fade, and thought if the fade ain't that bad, i can re-enter my long's.....i was bullish about the i get good sells at the open, 9:32 for X and 9:36 for BNI and i'm's that for fast trading !

rest of the day i spent watching the market. i felt things overall would go long, but was so afraid of the afternoon drop, i ended up not buying anything. because my account is still under 25K, i only had one trade for the day.....otherwise you know how i play the i have to double think everything. i really wasn't feeling it, but like a bonehead i shorted 20 BNI at 56.75 at 1:19pm....jesus christ an afternoon trade....before 2pm....what an amateur trade. BNI went up $1 duck for the rest of the day and ended the day back at my entry price. actually, i really didn't like this trade at all and i am still feeling long inclined....i wanted to get rid of it, but also i didn't want to waste my day trade....near the close it was fluttering right around my buy level....i set it to sell for what i bought it was very close, but nobody took my bait....WTF, i'll just hold it overnight, if i take a hit, i take a hit. fuck it.

i pray to the futures god's to be kind to me, and give me an intial drop or even better for some european bank to go belly up or some other kind of human misery to crush the stock markets.....wicked aren't i ;p

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