Tuesday, March 10, 2009

great day for bulls

it was a great day for bulls. the rally we had been waiting for the last week, finally arrived.

when i checked the futures in the morning and saw them up 100, i had a feeling we would get a killer day. mentally i set my BNI call sell levels for 53.5 / 54. unfortunately, i was in a meeting all day and that distracted me so, that i sold early. the people next to me must have been wondering what's with all the charts. i left at least 2 points on 4k shares = 8k down the drain and all i had to do was watch a fucking computer screen all day. it would have been that easy ;/.

i scalped GS for some cash in between, other than that, the meeting consumed me. it was one of those days where after the initial runup there is very little move to the up or down side. the day is mostly done. i shorted GS in the afternoon, when it was up around 14%. i could have collapsed the trade later, but got too greedy. later it ran away from me...so i am kinda worried. GS is fairly oversold and that fucker can move. i will sell it ASAP tomorrow on any weakness. oh, i also shorted X for a low volatility end of the day (EOD) play.

otherwise, it was a great day. great profits. some beers are in order :)

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