Wednesday, March 11, 2009

the lord giveth...the lord taketh

it's funny but whenever i fuck up i start thinking about GOD> and i couldn't have fucked up any more royally than i did today. a.) i didn't collapse my GS short yesterday, even though it was running like a rocket in a screaming up market, b.) i didn't collapse it first thing this morning (actually i tried, but it ran up 2 ducks in 30 secs, it is near impossible to see or react to such runs...i could have collapsed it then, but i dreamt it would go lower at some point...dream me a river :), c.) i shorted GS some more at 10 am for a short short trade, then got distracted and didn't sell for a small profit and watched it run away some more...basically the story of the day...GS running away. fucker.

anyhoo, i scalped it a little in the middle of the day, but the rest of the day i was out of it. i had a GOLDEN chance to collapse my earlier 10 am trades for small losses. my scalps would have covered that. then i could have reshorted GS at much higher levels, cause i could see that it wasn't going to die today...costly mistake.

now, i can only hope that GS goes down to 90 at some point. or AIG could file for bankruptcy :))

to distract me i will watch a foreign movie tonight. or cry.

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