Friday, March 6, 2009

if i was as good at macking chicks as i am trading...

i would be FUCKING BRAD PITT !!!

look at my trades. serously, look at them ;-/

the sell on my BNI longs was put in the system the night before...i hit it on the head...only a differential of .25 from the absolute awesome is that ?/

i got back to work and looked at my quote station and it was a sea of heart sank...i looked at the BNI graph and saw that it had gapped up at open...feverishly, i checked my trades executed window...LA LA LALA !!

the market tanked the rest of the day. due to my massive profits on BNI, i am now once again a full fledged DAY TRADER. yay!

i bought some BNI longs in the afternoon and to test / flex my day trader muscles...i entered into a quasi irrational GS long. i made money on both and collapsed them both, since now that i am a DAY TRADER, i don't need to take the unnecessary risk of holding over weekends.

2 weeks to options expiration this month....get ready to kick ass...cue techno !!!!!!

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