Tuesday, November 4, 2008

October 28, 2008 trades

I believe the top 2 AAPL trades and the MON trade were very successful again...greater than +1 profit magnitude individually.

Those trades at the bottom, now there's where i screwed up bigtime. The market ran up big time in the afternoon from 400pts to 900pts and all of those where bought at the 400pt range. I just over leveraged myself like crazy and totally disregarded the market. at the end of the day i had a third sense that maybe i should cut my losses, the market didn't feel right...it would hurt but it could get worse, but i just turned off my computer...you know it's bad when i don't watch the close.

The next day they went even higher and i did not trade. i could see that i was gonna lose a bucket load of money on these trades. the tide had turned. we just had a major bull rally and i was on the wrong side of it.

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