Tuesday, November 4, 2008

November 3, 2008

i was determined to get rid of all my dogs. i thought of various price levels i would sell them at and what the resulting balance's would be of my account. it did not look too good.

luckily, the day was in my favor...not massively....but enough.

i gamed MON perfectly and sold at 10:30am at the low of the day....literally the stock did not go lower than .30 cents from this point. you may not know, but with options that is very hard to do.

i was a little greedy on my AAPL and IBM though. i decided to hold them longer, since MON was 20 puts and the majority of my exposure. my risk levels were cut now.

i then stupidly decided to short some RIMM....the buy itself wasn't that bad, but multitasking stocks is a bad idea. the longer you watch the ticker of a stock....it kind of gets into your blood and after a while you get really good at gaming it. the brain works in mysterious ways.

later in the day i got rid of my AAPL. the IBM, by the way, i had bought 2 days earlier and then slept late the next day and completely missed my chance to make a profit on it. all i had to do was wake up. pathetic.

oh well, now for a new start....somehow i'm not so enthused.

seem's like i will be getting that State Dept. job. Easiest interview I ever had. I basically told them I was over their head and the next thing i know they were falling all over me. they asked me like 3 technical questions. i rock.

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