Tuesday, November 4, 2008

busy day

i had a job interview at 1pm so that was majorly messing up my day. i had to leave at 12pm to get there and god knows when i would get back.

i still had my RIMM position from yesterday and that was looking to be some major damage control. down 1 at start and RIMM quickly ramped up. eeks....i had been looking to short the gap up and went double short RIMM. usually, in the past this has spelled trouble, but the trades were a day apart and i really had a good feeling about today. i also shorted MON, albeit not at the best price. i had the price target 94.25 set but got greedy.

i was watching the ticker on RIMM and it was strong. the entire damn market except for AAPL was strong. there was hope. all of sudden around 10:15, RIMM broke and i was able to liquidate my positions. i took a loss overall, but now it was a bearable loss.

i was hoping for MON to break majorly, but it just wouldn't budge. i had about +700 on that trade, but i got scared, very rightly so and closed it for +200. very good call on my part. i'm a day trader, if the position doesn't feel right, let it go....live to fight another day.

i still thought MON was overbought and reshorted it around 94 and a little later i doubled down. now time is running out...it's 12am already and MON just won't break. i could collapse the whole position for a small gain or do what? the unthinkable. go to my interview, come back and trade it. i must have been crazy. but, get this i set a sell level about a dollar lower, to where i thought it might break for the day at least and go to my interview, where they eat up my head and i tell them i have to go, drive like crazy through DC and jump to my computer and VOILA....it sold at the level i set and that was the LOW of the entire afternoon. i couldn't have gotten a better price. man, i really rock.

that is some super fine day trading, folks...killer stuff.

i watched the market some more, later afternoon has been fluctuating like crazy and i'm not really digging that today, but BNI shows unusual strength and i dip in for a short. i set a sell for +0.5, but it won't budge beyond +0.4....illiquid stock options are so hard to trade. no matter, it's a good position and tomorrow is a new day. i usually don't like to hold overnight, but volatility is low these days and the overall sense of the market is pretty clear. the upside on these puts i bought also seems somewhat limited and the level of risk is not too much. overnight is okay.

btw, i now have a job, starting Thursday....i wasn't so happy about it earlier...goodbye to sleeping late....but i need some stability...let's just drink some beer and get happy :)

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