Tuesday, November 4, 2008

haven't been posting....why ?

here are the reasons:

1. i made a bunch of really bad calls and was near the 25K daytrading limit again. infact one day i was at about 15K...stressful. can i make money on this long term....i still think i can.

2. i was not sure if i wanted to do this fulltime. what kind of life is it sitting at home all day....RESOLUTION: i love daytrading and can do it almost everyday. i have moved a couple of steps up in my love / mastery of this art :)

3. i was having a mid life crisis at the same time....not fully resolved but somewhat under control now.

sadly, i just got a job....but that may be a good thing. i plan to continue daytrading and worst case scenario i get fired or quit. I WON'T QUIT DOING WHAT I AM REALLY PASSIONATE ABOUT >\ and I"M GOOD AT IT DAMMIT.

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