Wednesday, May 27, 2009

yesterday was blah

i woke up with a memorial day hangover and was pleasantly surprised to find both POT and futures down. it is very rare that holding options in a security like POT over a long weekend pay's off (within day trading scope). It was trading around 113 and even then i only got a palty .7 profit. luckily i sold at the open, because it spiked huge right after. another minute and i would have been fucked.

i have been experiencing mad problems with running my trading software (TWS) on my linux based laptop. It is extremely slow. The problem is that it's written in Java and my machine only has 1GB ram. I might have to install windoze on my laptop until i can upgrade it's ram.

luckily my kid brother's new laptop was there, only $400 bucks and so fast. i traded off of it. re-shorted POT around 116 at 10:30 am. watched it go up to 117 and remain there for the rest of the day. very frustrating day. +200 on the dow and it never broke, even at the end of the day. i feared we might be getting a genuine push up across the board in equities.

POT10SLD11JUN09 120.0 PUT Option PYPRD9:32:5420090526NASDAQOM7
YM3SLD8420JUN09 Futures YM JUN 0910:24:2120090526ECBOT6.39
YM3BOT8410JUN09 Futures YM JUN 0910:25:5720090526ECBOT6.39
POT10BOT12JUN09 125.0 PUT Option PYPRE10:30:2720090526PSE7

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