Thursday, May 28, 2009

same damn pattern

the start of the day was horrible. i got up early and checked the futures and they were nicely up. MON was up to around 81 dollars in premarket and i'm thinking ka-ching. So the market opens and the spread is 11 on a 11.5. i'm thinking small spike and i might be able to hit 11.7...i enter that in and click transmit and my fucking computer just freezes. it's making all this electrical noise. 2 mins go by. i am fucking freaking out. i'm clicking on all the windows nothing's happening. then it's back. MON has gone down to 80.3...70 cents in 1.5 minutes from the open exactly. i quickly enter 10.5 and get faded instantly. that minute and a half delay cost me $500 dollars. i would have changed my 11.7 to 11.5 and then to 11 and i would have got it. MON spiked again to about 10.7/10.8 and then for the rest of the day it went down hard. i wanted to throw my computer out of the window. i think i definitely need another just for trading laptop.

i was in a bad mood about that for a while.

i thought the index was gonna die, so sold some YM, made some nice coin on it, but GS looked even juicier. i got some puts and it crashed, sold them too early, but the severity of the crash was unanticipated by me. but, get this, the entire move down was very rapidly covered again. very fast spike down and a pretty quick recovery. very treacherous market.

i had a bad hangover, so i went to the coffee shop. but, i mostly fucked around. i didn't feel like trading. and then i made the same damn mistake i have been making each and every day. i re-shorted GS around 12pm and then it spiked up a dollar and traded in a 1-1.5+ range for the rest of the day. no smushage at the end either. every fucking day i short too early. sigh.

went and got some pho. it was delicious. the guy got my number wrong and gave me pho with chunks of fat or cartilage in it. it was fucking delicious. usually i only get no. 11 or 12, like clockwork, but i think i have a new no. now. years of eating pho at PHO 75 and now i eat fat, cartilage, stomach, u name it. the pho place is right next to the coffee shop.

got home and remembered i had more funds in my account now, because i have been making some coin and found i could trade 1 YM. so i short it stupidly and watch it go 20 points up, but it's only a loss of 100 dollars, so i resolutely plan to hold till close. when out of nowhere, there is a crazy spike down and i sell right at the bottom of it, making 60 ducks. very nice scalp. i wouldn't have held like that if i had my normal 3 contracts.

overall good day trading. just finished watching "mifunes sidste sang", a danish dogma movie and am gonna watch "la habitacion de fermat" spanish next. it's supposed to be very good. it's nice when your day ends by 4pm and ur already home and you can watch movies or go outside and cool yourself under the pouring rain.

all i need now is a woman, a dog and a place in the countryside.

MON10SLD10.50JUN09 70.0 CALL Option MONFN09:37:0020090528NASDAQOM7.00
YM3SLD8345.0JUN09 Futures YM JUN 0909:53:0120090528ECBOT6.39
YM3BOT8325.0JUN09 Futures YM JUN 0910:00:1620090528ECBOT6.39
GS10BOT10.70JUN09 150.0 PUT Option GPYRJ10:05:1620090528ISE7.00
GS10SLD11.80JUN09 150.0 PUT Option GPYRJ10:10:1120090528NASDAQOM4.5
GS10BOT9.90JUN09 150.0 PUT Option GPYRJ12:19:5720090528ISE7.00
YM1SLD8378.0JUN09 Futures YM JUN 0915:32:3920090528ECBOT2.13
YM1BOT8365.0JUN09 Futures YM JUN 0915:54:3620090528ECBOT2.13

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