Friday, May 22, 2009

dismal week

the week started out on a happy note.  no more boring desk job.  no more hiding my trading screens.  i figured out how to trade futures.  coffee shops.  sunny weather.  girls.

the reality.  told my dad i'm trading and as usual he chewed me out.  he calls it gambling and no way to "live life".  i felt very bummed out.  i made a real bonehead futures trade on thursday, which shook my faith in futures being easy to trade.  i didn't make any coin on my regular options trades either.  overall i'm down 500 for the week and my last options play today on POT could be a looming disaster.  time decay alone is going to eat me.  sigh.

i will say this STRONGLY....the way this market trades has changed significantly from last year.  last year was a bonanza, mini fortunes were made.  all you had to do was go short.  these days the chop is damn near unpredictable.  long dead zones when no trades can be made.  you need real patience to trade.

The Upshoot.  i can't just be a daytrader.  the money just isn't there.  plus there is much more risk.  and it's not fun.  i don't want to stare at the ticker all day.  once in a while for kicks, but not all day, every day.  i need a job.  i need some regular people banality in my life. 

here are the stinky lousy rotten trades....i don't even feel like getting drunk.

POT10BOT11.00JUN09 120.0 PUT Option PYPRD09:34:27200905227.00
POT10SLD11.50JUN09 120.0 PUT Option PYPRD09:45:28200905227.00
YM1BOT8257.0JUN09 Futures YM JUN 0909:51:48200905222.13
YM1BOT8257.0JUN09 Futures YM JUN 0909:51:48200905222.13
YM1BOT8257.0JUN09 Futures YM JUN 0909:51:49200905222.13
YM3SLD8260.0JUN09 Futures YM JUN 0909:53:19200905226.39
YM2SLD8260.0JUN09 Futures YM JUN 0910:00:43200905224.26
YM2BOT8270.0JUN09 Futures YM JUN 0910:01:40200905224.26
YM3SLD8278.0JUN09 Futures YM JUN 0910:09:41200905226.39
YM1BOT8278.0JUN09 Futures YM JUN 0910:12:40200905222.13
YM2BOT8278.0JUN09 Futures YM JUN 0910:12:40200905224.26
POT1BOT10.30JUN09 120.0 PUT Option PYPRD10:20:29200905221.00
POT1BOT10.30JUN09 120.0 PUT Option PYPRD10:20:29200905220.40
POT7BOT10.30JUN09 120.0 PUT Option PYPRD10:20:31200905224.90
POT1BOT10.30JUN09 120.0 PUT Option PYPRD10:20:32200905220.70

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