Thursday, May 14, 2009

trades dow emini today

STLDSLD30MAY09 10.0 CALL Option RQLEB1.4509:34:2420090514CBOE21.00
YMSLD3JUN09 Futures YM JUN 098301.011:25:0320090514ECBOT6.39
YMBOT3JUN09 Futures YM JUN 098300.015:55:1720090514ECBOT6.39

WOW...i love the daytrading restrictions on the number of trades i can make in a day....finally. very liquid. yesterday i traded the S&P 500 emini future and today the DOW 30 emini future. i have been reading up and researching on this stuff all day today. 2 drawbacks. contract price is 2.4 per contract per side approximately...which is well above .7 per stock option contract. despite the blabber you might read on the net, commission per trade in futures is much higher than stocks / stock options. 2nd - i am buying everything on margin. what rates am i paying?? and what does that amount to in dollar terms. i will look over reports this weekend and report :)

but, so far i'm rocking it. i made $15 on my YM trade, although i was down as much as 600 at one point. freaky volatility. double edged sword, but so far it's not as crazy as i thought it would be.

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