Thursday, April 2, 2009

shitty day

BOT 10 IBM Option APR09 105 PUT IBMPA $6.30 ISE(USD) 10:17:02 GMT-0400 on Thu, 02 Apr 2009

yesterday evening, finished a bottle of wine. head said stop. cook some food. heart said go out. keep on drinking. nice time at the bar though. it was empty. only Bill. and then some asshole black air force guy. and then a black chick. i blacked out in the middle of our conversation. don't know how the night ended. i saw in the trash that i had cooked some ramen soup. i didn't smoke. didn't even bum one from Bill.

my internet got cut off. i had been paying the bills intermittently. last time i paid it was $400. i looked at a bill finally. they had bumped me from $60 a month to $140. the wooing period was over. they charged me some outrageous sums of money. i calculated that i had blown $1200 due to laziness. basically, i couldn't see the futures in the morning and was unprepared for the strong open.

got in at 9:30 am. market up strongly. ibm up 2. damn. i should sell ibm. this day has the makings of a very strong rally. i don't do anything. i'm not really in the mood to trade. a litte while later, i see some weakness in GS. the financials are done. rest of the market is playing catchup. i short some more IBM. it will all work out.

in the afternoon, IBM peaked at 102. +4 ducks. just what i thought earlier. tomorrow should be interesting. might have to hold this till next week.

RIMM just came out with earnings. up +10 AH. IBM up +1.17. crap. more fuel for the fire. if i collapse this now, i'm back to square one. all gains for this week evaporated.

no energy. need to rest up.

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