Wednesday, April 15, 2009

bought some POT

sssshhhhh....don't tell the cops, see, i had a line .... wait a minute i bought puts on GS...damn i thought i had this killer line, i bought POT last week....and it did me no good. that's it i'm done with POT for ever now....never again am i touching that filthy....stock. hahaha. sigh. chuckle.

yup i bought some GS. bad buy again. should have waited a little bit more and right after i bought it i regreted it. way out of the money so that time decay is gonna eat me alive. what was i thinking. greed of course. also GS showed no weakness afterwards, even though the market did. tough draw.

it's all that filthy, swineish PDT law...worried about the number of trades i can execute...i would have sold otherwise...will sell first thing tomorrow.

of course, i am going out tonight. have been cooped up in my apt. for the last couple of days, ok well 2 days :) hopefully i will not go insane on the beer. plus, i slept at 5am yesterday. not partying. just couldn't sleep. saw a gem of a movie.

Un maledetto imbroglio (1959) by Pietro Germi. Now he's a master of his craft.

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