Thursday, June 4, 2009

insane GS rally

stocks ran rampant today, especially GS and POT.  i sold POT, right at the open today, sensing weakness, but it was a fakeout.  it opened near 112 and finished the day near 115.  i totally did not see that runup coming.  what was even more surprising was the runup on GS.  it was up around 146 or +4 from yesterday and i thought beautiful short and bought puts.  it then kept on going up, closing over +3 from where i bought for a total move of +7 to 149.  monster run.  i totally did not see that.  all i can say is, if you are a day trader, and you went long GS after a $4 open runup, you have gotta be insane.  

price movements make no sense anymore.  it's like somebody is manipulating the market ;)

anyway i had coffee at greenberry's.  too much coffee actually.  had to stand in line for a god awful long time to get my burger.  just for that they get no publicity.  went back home and closed my YM short for a loss, bringing my total YM profits for the day down to $24 :)  hey atleast it wasn't a loss.  i was playing safe with only 2 contracts throughout.  it was more for fun.

doubled down on GS near the close.  after a $7 run, it should give back some tomorrow and that way i can get out for near breakeven.  but, it's a risky play and i will definitely be up bright and early.

POT10SLD13.20JUN09 100.0 CALL Option PYPFT09:31:3020090604CBOE7.00
GS1BOT10.70JUN09 155.0 PUT Option GPYRK09:42:2320090604BOX0.75
GS1BOT10.70JUN09 155.0 PUT Option GPYRK09:42:2320090604BOX0.15
GS1BOT10.70JUN09 155.0 PUT Option GPYRK09:42:2320090604BOX0.45
GS7BOT10.70JUN09 155.0 PUT Option GPYRK09:42:2320090604PHLX4.90
YM1SLD8685.0JUN09 Futures YM JUN 0910:35:5020090604ECBOT2.13
YM1SLD8685.0JUN09 Futures YM JUN 0910:35:5020090604ECBOT2.13
YM2BOT8670.0JUN09 Futures YM JUN 0910:41:0420090604ECBOT4.26
YM2SLD8705.0JUN09 Futures YM JUN 0910:57:0420090604ECBOT4.26
YM2BOT8700.0JUN09 Futures YM JUN 0911:25:2320090604ECBOT4.26
YM2SLD8705.0JUN09 Futures YM JUN 0913:10:0820090604ECBOT4.26
YM1BOT8720.0JUN09 Futures YM JUN 0915:00:1520090604ECBOT2.13
YM1BOT8720.0JUN09 Futures YM JUN 0915:00:1620090604ECBOT2.13
GS1BOT8.45JUN09 155.0 PUT Option GPYRK15:03:1120090604ISE1.00
GS1BOT8.45JUN09 155.0 PUT Option GPYRK15:03:1120090604ISE0.40
GS8BOT8.45JUN09 155.0 PUT Option GPYRK15:04:0320090604ISE5.60

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