Tuesday, September 9, 2008

this is how accounts get blown out

super bad day for the markets. lots of traders getting decimated, including yours truly with his epic NUE long, which gapped down 10% today...ouch! no worries. i made up most of the loss with some profits on IBM on Monday. i play the intraday short on AAPL, more money for the account. i'm breaking even overall, it's okay. brutal market.

late in the day it looks like another down play on AAPL is forming. I get in nicely. and it goes down nicely, but i set my sell a little too high and before i can change it, it's gone back up again. it's at breakeven. basically, bought at 151.9, 10 aapl sept 165 puts for 13.9 each.

Fuck James Bond. You want to know pressure, trade options on AAPL.

I have 10 mins left in the trading day and I don't want to hold anything overnight. I could lose some serious money here. What to do?

i am desperately setting my sell levels lower and lower. an idea forms why not buy some AAPL calls for the bounce tomorrow. there should be a bounce !!! BAD IDEA ! time is money, 145 calls look okay, i set the price at 9.1. 3 minutes left. screw this...sell the puts for 14 ($100 profit) and buy the calls for 9.25. 2 minutes left. i refresh the page and all orders executed. $100 profit for all that angst and now i have a serious 10 calls position. what if LEHMAN explodes overnite or Paulson has a heart attack?

Seriously Munney Penney, we'd be PHACKED !!!

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