Tuesday, September 2, 2008

finally back after blowing account

well, i blew my account in end june and on the very day the worst was happening i got offered a job. so phew, i had something to fall back on. i think it's better this way, since i will have something to do all day other than sit and think about my trades. sometimes i get over eager to just trade. possibly i will have more patience this way. this is my last chance. after this there is no more money. EEKS!!

bought 10 NUE SEP 42.5 calls at 6.9 (commodities oversold)
bought 10 IBM SEP 100 calls at 9.1 (oversold -- bought it too early, should have gotten in around 8.8, but i didn't want to be greedy and i am a little bit out of practice :)

see you tomorrow.

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