Thursday, December 18, 2008

i'm back

back like the energizer longer a daytrader since i'm under 25K, but got my account reset and back to trading....watched last 2 days and pounced today.

i should not have played AAPL...IBM or MON was the way to go, but i'm still a little out of touch with the whole thing and i dipped in at 90 this morning.  i went to Murky coffee shop after that and spent the afternoon agonizing over my call.  flip side was i watched the tape like a hawk and am getting back in the rhythm of that.  luckily towards the end of the day, AAPL cracked and i must say i sold it at the very bottom of the bounce down.  it was a master sell.

closed my AAPL short, bought at 90 at 88.8, very nice timing on the down, but the volatility....sheesh....

i wanted to go long SPY at close (actually the mad dip at 3:30pm, but i thought maybe it will go lower and then it went up and i was trading options on it and the spread the last 2 minutes was crazy (new to options on SPY) so i let it go......

in general, i don't like overnite's....too many variables for a little fish like me...the mad dip intraday play was the right one for me, but i missed it. live and learn.

and stop banging on beanie for not posting....his advice is a luxury :)

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